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 Brenda Bernstein Owner – The Essay Expert


 Darrell Krenz and Will Torgeson Owners – Cap City Tree Experts


 Scott Staples Owner – Du Hair Du Nails


 Nicki Knecht Owner – Knecht Business Solutions


 Kristine Collins Owner – Sauk Point Veterinary Clinic


 James Westring Owner- Westring Construction


 Craig Stanley Owner – Broadwing Advisors



Content & Outreach Strategist –Karen Hitchcock

To recommend ActionCOACH Madison, I likely have to get in line behind all the others who will tout their skills. Their coaches are technically very competent. They know their numbers, product development methodology and go-to-market strategies across an array of industries. They understand the pains of small business owners as well as the pressures that enterprise CEO’s face.

Real Estate Lawyer, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. – Jesse Ishikawa

Their coaches are great listeners and problem-solvers. They measure the success of their advice by setting benchmarks which are quantitative in nature. Thus, their clients can readily determine the value ActionCOACH adds to their businesses.

General Manager at The Madison Club – Mary Gaffney-Ward

Working with ActionCOACH gave both myself and our staff the tools we needed to make us accountable to our departments and to each other so our organization could move forward as a team. ActionCOACH increased our financial knowledge and implemented processes for each manager which led to increased profitability.

Owner at Peterson Technology Group – Kevin Peterson

Working with ActionCOACH has helped Peterson Technology Group expand our business, develop marketing strategies that are working, and create internal structure and processes to allow us to concentrate on our customers. I have received honest feedback and used tools that have greatly benefited me and Peterson Technology Group.

Sr VP and Sr Trust Officer at State Bank of Cross Plains – Dan Savage

ActionCOACH Madison has worked with my colleagues, our Bank’s clients, and me personally. Their work is first-rate due to their exceptional knowledge, communication skills, and ability to recognize core issues. Couple those qualities with a willingness to give more value than is required, and you have a partner who can help you accomplish what is most important to you.

Owner of JG Development, Inc. Madison area Home Building & Remodeling Firm – Jeff Grundahl

As an owner of a small business, you are constantly taxed with what comes next and keeping the important strategic items next are some of the most important. Susan and ActionCOACH are fantastic at keeping you engaged in what really matters.

Owner at The Dog Den – Laura Schorrak

ActionCOACH has been an incredible support to me and my business. With their expertise and guidance, we have created a more focused and driven team and are seeing clear results. They have helped me to be able to work on my business instead of in my business. I highly recommend ActionCOACH to any small business owner looking to create focus and to see great results!

Financial Representative specializing in personal finances and small business solutions –  Ryan Behrends

They have a keen eye for problems in small businesses that are often overlooked but may have a huge impact on profitability and longevity. They have helped to turn my office from a barely-functioning start-up into a consistently profitable business in a matter of months.

Essay & Resume Writer | Executive Resumes | Personal Statements | Web Copy – Brenda Bernstein

Working with ActionCOACH over the past year, I have TRIPLED both revenues and profits for my writing and editing business! Their spot-on advice on everything from creating business systems to handling challenges with clients has been at the source of much of my company’s growth.

Architect/ Project Manager at Architecture Network, Inc – my Hasselman

ActionCOACH is great at helping me prioritize and keeping me focused on the business part of my business. We are doing rather well in this economy, and I give a lot of credit to their coaching.